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Directeur de la publication : Matthias Guerin, L’annerie, 85500 CHMABRETAUD
Téléphone : 00 33 (0) 7 70 51 61 34 Email : contact (a)

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RGPD – Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.  Your contact and personal details will never by sent to a third party without your written consent.

All customer video files are backed up on external hard-disks in SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS’ office, and in a secure safe located outside SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS’ office.  No third parties can access these video files.

All contracts are stored on a secure Cloud, and are only accessible to SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS.  Client invoices are edited on a RGPD compliant software.

Client videos are hosted on, and remain private or password protected*.  The access to these videos will only be sent to the client, unless otherwise stated*.

*  SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS reserve the right to diffuse a video on their website and/or publicly, which will be determined or agreed upon with the client at the time of booking SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS services.  If the client agrees to the video being displayed publicly, the video will be diffused for for an undetermined period of time.  Once the client has authorised the public diffusion of the video, they no longer have the right to contest the public diffusion of the video.  The video will not be diffused on third party sites unless agreed upon by the client.

All client emails or social media messages will not be transferred/shared with any third parties.  These emails and messages will be stored by SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS for an undetermined period of time.  All personal information stated in these messages will not be shared with any third parties.

For any further precisions please contact SARL GUERIN HODGE PRODUCTIONS: contact (a)